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Our Mission

The Blackstorytelling League of Rochester, N.Y.Inc. was formally adopted on December 4, 1994 to represent our resolve to advance appreciation of the art of storytelling and how it serves to enhance the well-being of African American people and bring delight and joy to others. We keep this history alive by working in our communities, schools, cultural centers, libraries and other learning venues, and by presenting an annual festival. Blackstorytelling League has as its major objectives the actualization of the Nguzo Saba that builds on several key values that we interpret, including:

  • function as a catalyst to facilitate the study of African foundations in the arts, sciences, and of the histories and cultures out of which we originate.
  • foster Blackstorytelling among children, youth and families; and stimulate them to review and invest in their African heritage as they look at their own special, discrete experiences.
  • organize and sponsor festivals, workshops, and other forums for public consumption.
  • provide a forum whereby appreciators of Blackstorytelling can continue their education in the unique, essential art form that makes up the tradition.

Pass it on!

Stories are POWERFUL!

They can birth a dream, change one’s destiny or heal a soul. We tell the ones our ancestors told, the ones about kingdoms in the motherland, survival on the middle passage and of slavery and freedom. We also tell the ones our mamas told and our grandfathers told. We tell the stories of a beautiful, vibrant and diverse people, stories that make you laugh, cry, weep, moan, and shout; stories about us. And from Anansi Spider to Brer Rabbit to John the Conqueror and the stories we’ve heard from the back seat of our grandmama’s car–we’ve got story.

The Blackstorytelling League of Rochester encourages every one to find their story and pass it on!

Ancient lessons for contemporary times

We, the members of the Blackstorytelling League of Rochester, consider it an honor and an obligation to pass along Blackstorytelling whenever we can. We share our Blackstories at community locations throughout the region and beyond, as well as at our annual festival—”Pass It On: Intergenerational Stories and Wisdom for Today.”

Again, welcome. May your journey through this website be beneficial and enlightening.

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