Ms. Robin Nowell


Robin shares her  enthusiasm for storytelling with each audience. Folk-tales, tall tales,  or historical narratives, Robin loves to share them all. Currently  employed by New York State, Robin also performs reenactments with  Akwaaba:the Heritage Associates.

Website Statement
When I was President of BLR we had two May luncheons, a Liars Contest,  two Fall Festivals, one all day retreat, four open house storytelling  events, two workshops, three holiday parties and three xaamadus  (cookouts). We have also sponsored and escorted high school students on a  New York City trip to view the burial grounds of 18th century slaves,  participated as judges in the city school district’s storytelling  contest and participated as storytellers at the Children’s Book  Festival, several church programs, Kwanzaa activities and various other  events.

I was pleased to assist our sister Dr.  Carolyn Edwards with obtaining her PhD (in storytelling no less) by  providing her with research, interviews and of course – storytelling.  One of our open house events provided documentation via film for her  dissertation. Congratulations Carolyn! We knew you could do it.

As storytellers we should be out in the  community telling our stories and sharpening our skills, reaching out to  people and most importantly – passing it on. Thanks to Djed Snead and  his committee, we have gone a step further in reaching out to the  community. Our Annual festival in 2009 included winners of the school  district’s storytelling contest but also a group of children who meet at  the Boys and Girls Club after school. We are training and preparing  them for the purpose of performing and passing on the skills and  techniques of Blackstorytellers. And yes that is one word.  Blackstorytellers weave together a story from the threads of life that  comfort us, support us, encourage us, and remind us of who we are. We  cannot lose this tradition or let it die, so I say bring on the  children, teach them the tradition, and let them tell.

Djed’s committee has been working well  over a year planning this year’s event, which will include our sisters  from Buffalo. “The Daughter’s of Creative Sound” will provide a  wonderful combination of music and story that is certainly a crowd  pleaser. We are fortunate to have them this year. The committee has  managed to plan an entertaining event on a very small budget.

Carolyn’s PhD and the Fall Festival will  no doubt be the highlight of my last year. I will however, save all the  speeches for later. In the meantime, be sure to fit this year’s  festival into your schedule. Come out and listen to our stories and . . .  Pass them on.